b-chronicles intro

© Stephen Wilks
Many dance artists and cultural workers today are confronted with the unresolved
contradictions in the practices and lives oscillating between nomadism and embedment,
national policies and transnational migrations. How to make these contradictions
productive is an important question for the reflection upon dance and performance at the
moment. The arts world is strongly affected by the consequences of what we call
‘globalisation’. How do artists relate to the overriding imperative of mobility? How do
they experience international residencies and production facilities? How do they maintain
their artistic autonomy? What is the impact of migration on local artistic communities?
Which are the new artistic identities and practices emerging in transnational networks?
What about nomadism, belonging, alienation?

Urged by these questions, the platform for dance and performance criticism Sarma
(www.sarma.be) set up the project B-Chronicles in collaboration with Meg
Stuart/Damaged Goods. Curated by Jeroen Peeters and Myriam Van Imschoot,
B-Chronicles encompasses a sociological and artistic research based on interviews with
various people of the Brussels dance community, publications in Etcetera, Janus and
Sarma, the creation of a community game, lectures, performance and video works. One
can follow the different tracks of B-Chronicles on the website www.b-chronicles.be.
Concerned with context, Sarma seeks collaborations with different organisations and
places in which this research can be shared, such as Kaaitheater. Responding to the
specific context of Brussels, Sarma presents B-Chronicles at Kaaitheaterstudios with a
series of interventions that explore the notion of ‘community’.

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