Dance Community Picture Cairo 2006

12 DECEMBER 2007
A Sarma project, in collaboration with HaRaKa

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Photo : Karim Ezzat after a concept of Myriam Van Imschoot

Are in the photo: Amr El Batrick: mass media student- contemporary dance student/ Mohammed Roushdy: actor/ Dalia El Abd: choreographer-dancer-dance teacher/ Noha Al Ostaz: theatre-dance performer-researcher/ Adham Hafez: choreographer-music composer-researcher/ Monadel Anter: contemporary dance performer- hip hop instructor/ Gabriela-Maria Rivas: classical ballet and contemporary dance performer-Salsa instructor/ Walid Abdallah: percussionist/ Mahmoud Moustafa: contemporary dance performer/ Kamal Rabei: classical Ballet dancer-choreographer/ Mohammed Fayez: contemporary dance performer/ Mohammed Moustafa Abdel Mageed: contemporary dance performer/ Mohammed Ramadan Abuzeid: contemporary dance performer- classical ballet student/ Mohammed Said Mahmoud: contemporary dance performer/ Bassem Talaat Moustafa: contemporary dance performer- choreography and directing ctudent/ Ahmed Ali: contemporary dance student/ Moustafa Fawzy Mohammed: computer science student/ Diaa Fawzy: accountant/ Nairy Avedessian: cultural activist- arts department director at British Council Cairo/ Rouba Khourshid: arts department at British Council Cairo/ Nathan Fuhr: performer- musician/ Ayman Kasim: dancer-fitness instructor.

photos : Karim Ezzat

More on the project

Dance Community Picture Cairo is part of the Community Picture Series, a project by Sarma in the framework of B-Chronicles, after a concept of researcher, dramaturg and curator Myriam Van Imschoot. By way of an invitation addressed to ‘everyone who feels part of the dance community in Cairo’ people are welcomed to come to a collective one time photo shoot that will represent the dance community on that day. The project challenges the desire to portray something which in fact eludes the genre of portrayal. It embraces this paradox as a tool to investigate how the notion of ‘community’ operates and manifests itself in a specific context by way of people’s response to an open invitation.

The photographer of the resulting photo is Karim Ezzat, a graphic designer and visual artist. Adham Hafez from the dance organisation HARAKA was the organizing host and publicized the event through email invitations, personal contacts and public announcements in the streets one week before the photoshoot. Some of the reactions he received were compiled in a document that you can read here. The photo shoot took place on the roof of the Contemporary Image Collective on Tuesday 12 December 2006 at 15 :00.

Announcements of and reactions to the Dance Community Picture Cairo

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photos : Myriam Van Imschoot

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