26 JUNE 2009
A Sarma project, in collaboration with and the National Dance Council Mexico

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photo : David Bergé after a concept of Myriam Van Imschoot

direction David Bergé and Trajal Harrell after a concept of Myriam Van Imschoot
photo David Bergé 
realization Trajal Harrell, David Bergé, Ana Lucia Marques da Cruz, Carlos Navarrete-Koning, Stephanie Esparza, Montserrat Payro, Horacio Lecona, Juan Francisco Maldonado, Martin Lanz, Carmen Bojorquez, Luis Carlos Romo, Eduardo Sánchez, Armando Reyes, all the volunteers that came to help and all of you who are present.
production and support Coordinación Nacional de Danza, Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Prisma Forum 2009 and Auditorio Nacional Ciudad de México
location auditorio nacional Ciudad de México

More on the project
Dance Community Picture Mexico City is a part of the Community Picture Series, a project by Sarma in the framework of B-Chronicles, after a concept of Myriam Van Imschoot. By way of an open invitation addressed to 'everyone who feels part of the dance community' people are welcomed to come to a collective one time photo shoot that will represent the dance community on that day. The project challenges the desire to portray something which in fact eludes the genre of portrayal. It embraces this paradox as a tool to investigate how the notion of 'community' operates and manifests itself in a specific context by way of people's reactions to the invitation. The Mexico edition was the fourth in line, after previous photoshoots in Cairo, Berlin and New York.

Mexican radio interview discussing project:

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