Dance Community Picture New York 2007

A Sarma project, in collaboration with Chez Bushwick

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photo : David Bergé after a concept of Myriam Van Imschoot

Registered at the photoshoot of the Dance Community Picture New York :

Adam Weinerf (dancer, choreographer), Adrian Saich (dancer, perfomer), Alberto Denis (dancer, producer, tech), Alberto Ibarguen (audience member), Alexa Weir (dancer), Alexandra Shilling (dancer, choreographer ann&alex make dances, teacher), Alexandre Roccoli (volunteer to the Dance Community Picture New York), Amanda Drozer (dancer, choreographer), Amatullan Saleam (dancer, teacher, storyteller), Amber Sloan (dancer, choreographer), Amy Vereby (dancer, acrobat), Ana Isabel Keilson (dancer), Andrea Lerner (choreographer chameckilerner), Andrew Champlin (dancer and volunteer to the Dance Community Picture New York), Andrew Nemr (producer, choreographer), Ann Robideaux (dancer, choreographer Ann & Alex make dances), Ara Fitzgerald (choreographer, performer, teacher), Ashley Friend (dancer, choreographer), Ben Pryor (organiser, dancer, administrator, production manager of the Dance Community Picture New York), Brad Kisicki (problem solver), Brandin Steffensen (dancer), Bruce Hankins (screenactors Guila Dance Committee), Caron Eule (dancer, choreographer), Chase Granoff (dancer, choreographer), Chris Buckley (productionmanager), Claire Hart (dancer), Dan kelly, Dana Salisbury (choreographer, multimedia artist), Daria Faïn (dance extra-ordinaire), Darrin Wright (dancer, fun person), David Bergé (photographer and collaborator of the Dance Community Picture Berlin and New York), David M. Zlotchew (fan, performer, patron), Dorian Nuskind Oder (dancer, choreographer, participant), Doug Fox (, Edisa Weeks (dancer, choreographer), Elizabeth Zimmer (writer, performer, student), Emily Stone (functioning dancer), Erica Dankmeyer (choreographer, teacher, dancer), Geneviève Martel (dancer), George Candler (civilian), George Emilio Sanchez (MC of the Dance Community Picture New York), Giorgia Minisini (dancer, choreographer), Gloria Mc Lean (dancer, teacher, choreographer), Gus Solomons jr (dancer, choreographer, writer), Gwen Welliver (dancer, teacher), Hannan Root (supporter, lover of dance, dancer), Hettie Barnhill (dancer, choreographer), Holly Faurot (performance artist), Hristoula Harakas (dancer), Isabel Lewis (choreographer, performer), Isabella Bruno (choreographer), Jack Ferver (choreographer, writer, dancer, actor), Jaki Levy (webdeveloper, producer, online connector for Misnomer Dance), Janet Panetta (photo held by Melanie Maar, teacher), Jared Klech (lighting designer), Jeffrey Freeze (dancer), Jenn Kelly (dancer), Jennifer Kjos (dancer), Jerôme Piqué (producer, volunteer to the Dance Community Picture New York), Jeso O'Neill (dancer, choreographer), Jessica Morgan (dancer, choreographer), Jill Sigman (dancer, choreographer), Jimmy Garver (sound designer), Jinny Jeong (contributor, supporter, administrator), Joan Finkelstein (dance administrator: 12 yrs director of 92st Harkness Dance Ctr. Currently Director of Dance, NYC Dept. of Education), Joel Jules (dancer, choreographer), Jon Gibson (composer), Jonah Bokaer (hosting organizer of the Dance Community Picture New York), Jonah Nigh (artist representative), Jose Gonzalez (dancer), Julie Perrin (dance researcher, photodocumentor and volunteer to the Dance Community Picture New York), K. Grey Elam (dancer), Karen Bernard (artist, arts administrator), Karen Mobley (dancer, choreographer), Kelly Buwalda (dancer, choreographer), Kimberly Unreadable (choreographer), Kristin Norderral (composer), Krota Willberg (choreographer), Kyle Abraham (dancer, choreographer), Lans Harwell Kung, Layard Thompson (performer, creative artist), Leslie Cuyjet (dancer, choreographer), Lise Brenner (choreographer), Lori Ortiz (writer), Luciana Achugar (choreographer), Luke Miller (performer, choreographer, unreadable), Mahunda Ray Allen (choreographer), Manon Santkin (performer, volunteer to the Dance Community Picture New York), Margaret Batiuchok (swing, ballroom), Maria Antelman (media artist), Maria Hassabi (choreographer), Marie Christine Giordano (choreographer), Marina Libel (dancer, choreographer), Marks Pickett aka zone TDK (breakdance choreographer), Mary Schlissel (dancer, choreographer), Marya Wethers (dancer, arts administrator), Maryanne Chaney (choreographer, dancer, teacher), Matthew Branham (dancer), Matthew Rogers (dancer), Mayuko Shoka (dancer), Melanie Maar (choreographer), Melinda Ring (choreographer), Michael Anthony, Michael Cole (designer, teacher), Michael Cross Burke (performance artist, administrator), Miriam Walther (dancer), Myriam Van Imschoot (writer, dramaturg, curator, concept of the Dance Community Picture Series and collaborator to the Dance Community Picture New York), Mitchell Kilby (dancer), Molissa Fenley (choreographer), Nathanael Buckley (dancer, fledghug choreographer), Nick Morgan (dance critic), Nicki Cochrane (dancer), Nicole Birman Bloom (support organisation Fused etc), Nikki Long (dancer), Nina Winthrod (choreographer), Noel Allain (curator), Oliver Mechcatie (volunteer to the Dance Community Picture New York), Peggy Peloguin (dancer, choreographer, teacher), Philippa Kaye (choreographer), R. Sikoryak (administrator, collaborator), Rachel Bernsen (choreographer), Reid Bartelme (dancer), Richard Rivera (dancer, choreographer), Robert Abrams (publisher, critic), Rosane Chamecki (choreographer Chameckilerner), Roy Fowler (set designer), Run Shango (dazzle dancer), Ryan Tracy (performer, composer), Sara Claro da Fonseca (visiting scholar at columbia university, volunteer to the Dance Community Picture New York), Sarah Freiser (correspondant, amateur artist), Sarah H Paulson (performance artist, Sari Nordman (choreographer, dancer, teacher), Sonya Dufly (jazz, salsa, samba dancer), Sophie Myrtil-Mc Courty (dance booking agent), Stacey Carlson (dancer, choreographer), Stephan Moore (composer), Stephanie Tack (dancer, choreographer, administrator), Steve Blumrosen (boardmember Afro Modern Dance Thatre), Steven Blumrosen (Founder Afro Modern Dance Theatre), Steven Reker (dancer), Stuart Singer (dancer), Sue Kessler (curator), Susan Rainey (dancer), Susana Ibarguen, Terri Franklin (dancer, educator, jazz vocalist), Terry Dean Bartlett (dancer, curator, choreographer), Todd Williams (dancer, choreographer, teacher), Toney Howell (director, dancer), Tony Ramos (dancer, choreographer), Tonya Plank (blogger), Trajah Murdock (boardmemeber), Trajal Harrell (dancer, choreographer, local adviser for the Dance Community Picture New York), Tretty Boy Dazzle (dancer, producer), Treva Wurmfeld (Chez Bushwick videographer), Ula Lisson (volunteer and photodocumentor to the Dance Community Picture New York), Unreadable (dancer, choreographer), Yaa Asantewaa Eva (dance critic, blogger, prodcaster), Yves Musard (movement artist), Zack Winokur (dancer, choreographer).

invitation card

Some more reactions to the invitation

I appreciate the invitation. Unfortunately, I shall be working that day and therefore am unable to join the photo shoot. Hope I can in the future. What a great idea!//I won't be able to make it to your shoot, but by way of support, i send you some photos of myself.//Do you need a visa to be in the photo?//How long is it gonna take?// Hi, I certainly consider myself a part of the dance community. But as a critic I can't get to your photo shoot. I'm reviewing Martha Graham that afternoon. Hope the shoot goes well and
you all look gorgeous!// We don't feel responsible for the community.//I’m afraid i'm north of the border this weekend ... I'll be there in spirit! ***T//Thank you for the invitation to Bryant Park for the dance Photoshop, but I will not be able to attend because I have a 2:00 PM show on Broadway. Every dancer on Broadway has a show on Sunday at 2 PM or at 3 PM, so none of us can attend. It is unfortunate that this entire group of working dancers will not be counted at such a wonderful event.//I cannot go to the photoshoot, but someone will hold my photo.//“We don’t ever see each other, because you’re a snobby elitist who only goes to uptown things. I go to all the cool downtown things.”//

Production: Chez Bushwick and Sarma
Additional support from the Cultural Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and The Flemish Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media, Department Arts and Heritage.
Location: Bryant Park
Duration of the shoot: 40 min
Weather forecast: sunny
Extra facilities: bottled water

photos : Myriam Van Imschoot, Ula Lisson, David Bergé

More on the project

Dance Community Picture New York is part of the Community Picture Series, a project by Sarma in the framework of B-Chronicles, after a concept of Myriam Van Imschoot. By way of an open invitation addressed to 'everyone who feels part of the dance community' people are welcomed to come to a collective one time photo shoot that will represent the dance community on that day. The project challenges the desire to portray something which in fact eludes the genre of portrayal. It embraces this paradox as a tool to investigate how the notion of 'community' operates and manifests itself in a specific context by way of people's reactions to the invitation. The New York edition was the third in line, after previous photoshoots a year before in Cairo and Berlin.

Photographer David Bergé, who had joined the Community Picture Series project in Berlin, took the project to New York, with Myriam Van Imschoot as his sparring partner. The young artists' run organisation Chez Bushwick in Brooklyn became the local host and producer. Bryant Park, central in midtown Manhattan on 42nd Street, was selected as the location for the photoshoot. Invitations and announcements were sent through emails, postcards, mouth-to-mouth as well as through announcements in Movement Research and Time Out New York A couple of days before the event a contest offered a 'free massage voucher' to the person who guessed the exact number of people who would come to the photoshoot and register. The answers ranged from 88 to 3487 people. In actuality, about 158 people turned up on a beautiful late summer day on September 23rd . The photo was taken at 2.20 pm.

press :


1. announcement in Movement Research Performing Journal, one month prior to shoot
2. announcement in 'time out in New York', one week prior to shoot
3. best event of the day in 'time out in New York'
4. Publication in the free daily newspaper Metro, 1 day after the shoot
5. Publication of photo in 'time out in New York', 3 days after the shoot

General information on The Community Picture Series
More information on Dance Community Picture Caïro 12 December 2006
More information on Dance Community Picture Berlin 17 December 2006
Some reactions on the location Bryant Park

You really need to know the city well to find that 'special' place for a large gathering such as this one to take place. // We've been looking for that special place and talking to many people.// (one piece of advise) The place of gathering does not need to be about the past (for example, the graveyard at St Marks Church), or about the historical and current dance legacy (for example, Judson Church on Washington Square Park) or the future, but it needs to be a container/framework for the present. And the present is like this: many people are scattered over the city across division lines of styles, backgrounds, disciplines, economies. Let them assemble in a space large enough to have them.// (advice) Why don't you do it in Bryant Park?// (one restriction) One needs a permit to organize an acitivity there.//(one obstacle) It is a complicated procedure to get a permit//Many no's: don't use the lawn, don't go on the pathways, do not interfere with the normal proceedings on the terrace, do not interfere with park users and the the activities, don't move tables, don't go near the fountain (there's the Indian dance and fashion even there), do not stand on chairs.// (another piece of advise) You could still gather in Bryant park, and then walk en masse to the plaza in front of the International Center for Photography school. Just around the corner. That would be funny and semiotic.// (supportive reaction not to change ideas) Bryant Park is a viable option, because of its 'midtown' location (between downtown and uptown), its accessibility, its non-affilitation to dance, its photographic potential and its appeal as an oasis in the turmoil of the city.// Many phone calls to the park management.//Many phone calls left unanswered.//We signed a contract…// The park as a location started to be mentioned in all our communication with the outside world.//Until the very last day we did not know what spot we could use in the park.//We were prepared for anything to happen.//

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Dance Community Picture New York 2007 23|09|2007 Bryant Park
New York , USA

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