PROJECT, the game

© Tine Declerck
In PROJECT, all the participants are players, developing their own artistic identity in a virtual dance community. Propelled by interaction and participation, the 'community game' simulates the Brussels dance world in a miniature form. In a series of negotiations between dancers and representatives of organisations in the field, a convincing artistic narrative is important, but in the foreground are far and foremost collaboration, production mechanisms, permits, residencies, and networking. The outcome of this simulation oscillates between all too real and unbearably absurd. Mobility and transnationalism, professionalization and technocracy: PROJECT probes reality, embraces experience, but doesn't renounce the intricate logic of the game itself. As such it becomes a basis for research and discussion in itself: which forms of productivity and community are desirable today?
PROJECT is developed by sociologist Delphine Hesters and game designer Dimitry Masyn, in collaboration with Sarma's B-Chronicles think tank

Inspired by the Brussels dance community, the game PROJECT is presented for the first time in Kaaitheaterstudios. With special thanks to Eleanor Bauer, Jeroen Peeters, Charlotte Vandevyver, Myriam Van Imschoot, all the players, table hosts, volunteers, guinea pigs, advisors, and Kaaitheater.

In Kaaitheater we worked with the following table hosts:

Alain Franco - programmer Paris
Barbara Raes - programmer Brussels
Barbara Van Lindt - programmer Gent
Han Demeulemeester - management table
Tarek Halaby - master of ceremony
Jeroen Peeters - dramaturgy table
Koen Dewulf - migration and working permits
Nadine Van Imschoot - networking table
Petra Roggel - programmer Berlin
Wouter Bouchez - workshop space
Veerle Aendekerk - Minister of Culture

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