Carlos Pez


Carlos Pez came to live in Brussels for work and has in the meanwhile set up his life here. Brussels is an interesting option for him because of practical reasons (affordable rent, social system, ...). He also appreciates the support artists get in Brussels.
To Carlos Pez, 'dance community' is a problematic term that seems to be very trendy at the moment. Talking about a dance community is politically correct nowadays, but Pez does not feel that there exists something like 'a Brussels dance community'. However, he does see the big companies and the students of P.A.R.T.S as separate communities. He states that he “belongs to dance”, rather than to a dance community. If he has to think about the existence of a community he belongs to, he names a group of five people in which professional relations and friendship intertwine. To Carlos Pez, 'community' is not a term that should necessarily be understood geographically. A nomadic way of life also creates a sense of community: meeting the same people over and over in different cities also generates a sense of belonging. Since he was little, Pez got used to moving from one place to another. Because of this constant movement he lost his roots: he feels a stranger in Belgium, and became a stranger in Spain. Spanish, his mother tongue, is least useful in his life and work in Brussels… Wherever he is, he is always “from somewhere else”. This sense of 'not belonging' is omnipresent in his life.
Pez does not believe in artistic freedom that much and considers his work more as a product of circumstances than of free will. Friendship and work are very much interwoven: colleagues became friends and vice versa. He describes how it becomes more difficult for him to work as ‘open’ as before; when he creates a project nowadays he needs a certain ‘closeness’, which can only be achieved when working with good friends. What gives him satisfaction in his work is establishing connections between people and disappearing himself: the less visible he is, the more he likes it.

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