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The American performer and choreographer Eleanor Bauer interviewed 46 artists, critics, producers and dramaturges from the Brussels’ dance community including herself. The red thread through these dialogues was the question: what does a ‘community’ mean in a time of transnational mobility. For each interviewee a file was made that represents the interview in an 'abstracted' way. It contains audio-excerpts from the interview, drawings that were made during and after the interview, a photo, biographical information, a summary of the talk and some words that were floating in the air during the interview. Marijke De Moor was responsible for the abstracts.

Delphine Hesters, a sociologist, has actively followed Eleanor Bauer’s research and contextualises the working method. Some striking impressions and conclusions from Eleanor’s interviews were the starting point for several activities, events and publications. Delphine Hesters has written 'The facts and fixions of B-loning', a text in which she examines the idea of the ‘Brussels dance community’ from a sociological perspective. Eleanor Bauer staged her self-interview in the frame of Alien Resident in Berlin and she has given a lecture 'Becoming room, Becoming Mac' in Kaaitheaterstudio's. Besides, the B-Chronicles think tank has developed a community game which was presented in the same context.

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